#ahan acts as a safety net for smallholder farmers

Combining the power of #web3, #ahan aims to double smallholder farmers income

Working Capital

Using innovative methods of utility #nft financing, #ahan pre-pays for upcoming produce. This reduces the need to raise loans at exorbitant rates

Increase in yield

Through out the pre-harvest cycle, #ahan provides access to spatial imagery to reduce crop loss and to increase the crop yield

Produce Buy Back

#ahan provides a guaranteed buy back of the produce at government support prices, thus providing direct market linkages and increased revenues

Watch the video below on how we double farmers income

#sustainability and #financial #inclusion

Saying ‘No’ to exorbitant interest rates

Our #AI models predict the yield and the revenue per acre. About 40% is pre-paid to the farmer to cover Agri Inputs and labor cost. This ensure they do not have to rely on alternate funding sources at exorbitant interest rates.

Multiple revenue models

With long term sustainability of smallholder farmers as our goal, #ahan assists in generate extra revenues through satellite imagery, carbon credit sequestration and direct market access